How to Apply for a Site Plan Review

A Site Plan Review Permit is a type of land use permit issued by the City of Exeter for the establishment of certain types of land uses.  The purpose of the Site Plan Review permit is to enable the City Planner to ensure that a proposed development complies with applicable zoning standards.  More specifically, the process is intended to result in well-designed projects that will enhance the physical appearance and attractiveness of the community while protecting public safety and welfare.

Projects reviewed under the Site Plan Review process must meet all applicable standards of the Exeter Zoning Ordinance.  Interested persons can obtain a copy of the ordinance, for a fee, at the Exeter City Hall.  The Zoning Ordinance is a set of laws governing land use and the development of property within Exeter.  The Zoning Ordinance was passed into law by the Exeter City Council.

Site Plan Review permits are required for multiple family dwellings, commercial and industrial buildings, and public and quasi-public buildings.  Site Plan Review is also required when any of these types of uses are expanded by 50% or more.  Site Plan Review is not required for single family homes.

Applicants are encouraged to meet with the City Planner prior to submitting a Site Plan Review application.  This can be done by telephone or by visiting City Hall.  You can reach the City Planner at 559.592.5558 or 559.734.8737

During this meeting, you can discuss the process and important development standards (setbacks, parking, landscaping, etc.) that will apply to your project.  You can also determine whether your project is subject to environmental review (see Environmental Review below).  Such a preliminary meeting will help to streamline the development process.

Refuse and Recycling

Refuse / Recycling Collection

The City of Exeter has contracted with Mid Valley Disposal to provide comprehensive recycling and waste collection services.

If you are a new resident of Exeter and wish to sign up for refuse/recycling collection services or change your existing service address please call City Hall at 559.592.3710.


Types of Collection Services

Weekly curbside collection services are provided using three 96 gallon wheeled collection containers.

The green container is to be used only for disposal of green waste.

The brown container is to be used for refuse disposal only.

The blue container is to be used for recyclables only.

Residents are encouraged to recycle the following materials:

Newsprint Office paper Cardboard Plastic film Tin/steel cans
Mixed paper Magazines Chipboard Glass containers Aluminum cans
Junk mail Telephone books Plastic #1-5 & #7 Bottles Small metal appliances

Collection of Used Motor Oil

Single-family residents may place their used motor oil and motor oil filters in a sealed container next to their blue recycling cart for weekly collection.

Collection of Used Automotive Batteries

Additionally, single-family residents may also place their automotive batteries next to their blue recycling cart for weekly collection.

Leaf Pick-Up 

Like other surrounding cities, the City of Exeter does not offer leaf leaf pick up services. Leaves should be placed in your green waste container. 

Leaf pick-up normally starts November 15th and ends around January 15th.  After January 15th your leaves should be placed in your green waste container.

Annual Clean Up Events  (Specific dates to be announced)

The City of Exeter hosts two annual clean up events. The first event is held during the month of April and the second event is held during the month of October. Exeter residents living within the city limits are encouraged to take advantage of these low cost opportunities to get rid of unwanted items such as old couches, mattresses, appliances, green waste or other junk at the city’s Corporation Yard located at 350 W. Firebaugh.  During this three day events (Thursday, Friday, and Saturday), the Corporation Yard will be open from 7:30 AM. to 3:00 P.M. 

A driver’s license and current water bill will be required to verify residency as dumping privileges are reserved for residents living within the city limits who receive trash service.  A $5.00 per load fee will be charged.

To expedite the unloading of vehicles, we ask that you separate metal, green waste, cardboard, newspaper, appliances, computers and other materials.  Palm leaves are not considered green waste and must be dumped in the designated trash area.  Cement, tires, paint, chemicals and asphalt will not be accepted.

Additional Recycling Opportunities and E-Waste Drop-Off

The Exeter Community Recycling/Buy Back Center, located in front of 350 W. Firebaugh, provides additional recycling opportunities for the residents of Exeter.  The center also accepts e¬waste which provides residents with a means of safely getting rid of their old computers, monitors, television sets, and other out-dated, unusable or unwanted electronic items by proper recycling.

Christmas Tree Drop-Off

The City of Exeter offers an annual Christmas Tree Recycling Program.  You can drop off your tree at the City Corporation Yard located at 350 W. Firebaugh from December 26th through January 15th.  NO NAILS, WOODEN OR METAL BASES; NO LIGHTS OR ORNAMENTS.  FLOCKED TREES OK.

Maintenance and Codes

Private Property Maintenance and Code Enforcement

Definition of Nuisances

1.  Any condition or use of property which is in fact a fire hazard or which results or can result in the impairment of the ability to respond to and suppress fires.

2.  The existence of any accumulation of waste paper, hay, grass, straw, weeds, litter, debris or combustible trash upon any roof or in any building, entrance way, court, yard, vacant lot or open space, or of any weeds, grass, vines or other growth when the same endangers property or is liable to become a fire hazard.

3.  Lawns with grasses in excess of 6 inches high.

4.  Storage for an unreasonable period of time (14 days or longer) of any of the following:

a)  Abandoned, wrecked, dismantled or inoperative automobiles, trailers, campers, boats, or similar vehicles.

b)  Debris, rubbish and trash visible from public rights of way.

c)  Broken or discarded household furnishings, appliances, boxes and cartons, lawn maintenance equipment, play equipment, toys, and similar materials.

d)  Discarded building materials.

e)  Discarded, wrecked, or inoperable household appliances, machines, and tools.

f)  Materials or items of nature stored on roof tops when visible from the public right of way or from neighboring property.

5.  Attractive Nuisances (those objects which, by their nature, may attract children or other curious individuals) including, but not limited to unprotected and/or hazardous pools, ponds, ice boxes, refrigerators, or excavations.

Development Fees

Fees effective 09/01/09

General Plan Amendment $ 850
Zoning Ordinance Amendment – Map 950
Zoning Ordinance Amendment – Text 1,075
General Plan Amendment/ZO Amendment 950
Zone Variance 625
Conditional Use Permit 950
Site Plan Review 825
Density Bonus 1,175
Classification of Uses 100
Granny Flat (Secondary Unit) 100
Development Agreement 1,300


Tentative Parcel Map (4 parcels or less) $ 675
Final Parcel Map (4 parcels or less) 1,825
Tentative Subdivision Map 1,375
Final Subdivision Map 3,775
Lot Line Adjustment 525
Certificate of Compliance 75


Annexation Application Fee to City $ 1,325
LAFCO Fee Actual Fee


Categorical Exemption $ 25
Negative Declaration 275
Mitigated Negative Declaration 300
Fish and Game Fees Actual Fee
EIR Report Actual + 15%
Agricultural Preserve Cancellation 500


Home Occupation Permit $ 25
Hazardous Waste Site Actual + 10%
House Move In – Inside City 100