• Election District Map Tan Option (558 kB)

    Tan: This map is much more compact and uses the railroad corridor as a border; Councilmembers Boyce and Gerdes are both in District A, so no current Councilmember resides in C; D again keeps the heavily Latino neighborhood united; and east of Kaweah remains united in E, while downtown is entirely in District C.

  • Election District Map Yellow Option (563 kB)

    Yellow: Instead of uniting downtown, this map gives each of 4 districts a piece of downtown (I tried but could not draw a reasonable map that would give all 5 districts a piece of downtown without diluting Latino voting strength and/or making pairs of Councilmembers in two different districts); unites the ‘east of Kaweah’ area in District E; keeps the heavily Latino area southwest of downtown united; all 5 districts touch the railroad corridor; and keeps each Councilmember in a separate district (with the same small block split as in Green).

  • Election District Map Green Option (559 kB)

    downtown and east of Kaweah Ave are each united in their own (separate) districts (B and E, respectively); the west side of town is drawn into reasonably compact districts; all five districts touch on the railroad corridor; District D keeps the heavily Latino area southwest of downtown united; and this map keeps each Councilmember in their own district (though that requires a small 3-housse parcel-level division in the Census Block where Councilmembers Boyce (now in A) and Gerdes (now in C) live