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City Ordinance 13.08.030
Before water shall be supplied to any premises, application by the owner, tenant, or agent of the property shall be made to the finance director for the proper service and stating the official building number and street to be served and any other information that may be required, including any necessary information to establish the credit of the applicant; thereupon service connection shall be made at the nearest distribution main by the department, but only after the charges provided for in this chapter have been paid.


Must bring in proof of ownership of the property.  (CLOSED Escrow Documentation, Tax Roll).  When escrow has not closed you may bring in a good faith paperwork, however you have two weeks to bring in the closing escrow documents.  Bring a valid ID and Social Security card.


Need to bring in a Signed Rental or Lease agreement and a Deposit of $113.20.  This deposit will be applied upon closing the account or after one year if payments are made on time every month.  Bring a valid ID and Social Security card.


$20.65 Minimum for the first 1500 cubic feet.  After that, water is $1.29 per every 100 cubic feet used.


$20.00 Flat Rate.


$16.60 Residential Flat Rate.  This includes; 1 Regular Trash Can, 1 Recycle Can and 1 Green Waste can.  Each additional can is $6.15 per can.

Refuse service is contracted with Mid Valley Disposal, 559.237.9425.  All cans must be out by 5:00 AM to insure pickup.  Please call 559.592.3710 ext 1 immediately if trash is missed.

For other types of accounts or information call City Hall.  559.592.3710

Payments must be received by 4:30 p.m. on the 7th of each month.  If not paid by 10 days after the due date, considered a grace period, a $10.00 penalty will be applied to the account, and it will be considered past due.   If the past due balance is not paid by the date printed on the bill, water service will be shut off the following day.  Your services will be reactivated upon payment of the past due amount, any late fees, and service fees.   Service reconnections are scheduled for the first business day after fees are paid.  The service fee for reconnection must be charged whether or not the service crew has physically shut the water off yet or not.

Late fee:  $10.00

Service fee:  $35.00 (incurred when account is placed on disconnect list)

Please note that if you do on-line banking we are not responsible for payments coming in past the due date.

Automatic deduction from your checking account is available, and is very helpful in preventing late payments.   Please contact the payment center at City Hall for additional information. 

To close Utility Services a signature is required.  If you have a deposit holding on your account it will be applied to your final bill and any remaining balance will be mailed to your forwarding address.

City Ordinance 13.08.040
Each consumer about to vacate any premises supplied with water service by the city shall give advance notice of his intended removal to the finance director, specifying the date service is desired discontinued; otherwise, he will be held responsible for water service furnished to such premises until the finance director shall have notice for such removal.

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