City Hall The City Administrative Offices consists of several departments.  They are General Administration, City Clerk, Finance, and Planning.

General Administration focuses on the general management of the city and direct support of the elected City Council, and it includes administration of contracted services such as legal counsel, planning, and engineering services.

The City Administrator is appointed by the City Council and serves as the chief executive officer of the organization.

The City Clerk’s Office is responsible for the records management system of the city as well as providing election services and has custody of the City Seal.

The offices of the City Administrator, City Clerk, and City Council can be found at 100 North C Street, at the northwest corner of C Street and Pine Street, alongside the Police Department.

The Finance Department is responsible for all financial management services and activities provided by the city.  This includes payroll, accounts payable, business license, fixed assets, and general accounting and auditing of the city.

The Planning Department is responsible for processing zoning requests, conditional use permits, site plan reviews, subdivision work, tenative and final maps, annexation requests, and environmental impact reports.

Both Finance and Planning can be found at 137 North F Street, alongside the Community Services Department, which includes Recreation, Dial-A-Ride, Animal Control, and other services.

For more information on Exeter, please call 559.592.3710 or visit Exeter City Hall at 137 North F Street, Exeter, CA  93221
Office hours are generally 8:00am – 4:30pm,  but some offices may vary.

Exeter City Plan

Exeter City documents are available for download here.

2020 Exeter General Plan

What is the 2020 Exeter General Plan?

The General Plan is Exeter’s policy document to guide growth and development of the City through the year 2020.  The General Plan is required by State law to include six elements pertaining to the following issues:

–    Land Use
–    Circulation
–    Open Space
–    Conservation
–    Noise
–    Safety
–    Housing (note:  the Housing Element is updated on a different schedule from the other elements.  The Housing Element may be viewed here.

Each element typically contains a profile of existing conditions in the community, and then a series of goals, policies and action plans to achieve the City’s objectives during the life of the General Plan.  Some of the elements contain maps that designate future land uses and circulation features.  There are three key maps in the General Plan:

The Land Use Map – shows land use designations for all properties within Exeter’s city limits and Sphere of Influence (SOI).  These designations correspond directly to the zoning of each parcel.

The Circulation Map shows existing and future circulation features – roads, trails, the airport and railroad, among others.

What Does the General Plan Matter to Me?

The General Plan establishes Exeter’s vision for the future.  If the City adheres to the policies of the General Plan, over time, Exeter can be a city that is characterized by:

–    Clean and pleasant residential neighborhoods;
–    A variety of housing choices and shopping opportunities;
–    A vibrant and attractive downtown;
–    A variety of parks and open space facilities and recreational opportunities;
–    An effective utility system (water, sewer and storm drainage);
–    A city where land use conflicts are minimized;
–    A variety of industrial businesses with well-paying jobs;
–    A safe and effective street system;
–    A city that reduces impacts on the environment, particularly concerning air pollution, water consumption and consumption of farmland, while it continues to grow.
–    A city that is safe;
–    A city that has an adequate amount of land available for future development;
–    A city where property values are stable;
–    An effective and efficient city government.
–    A city where public participation is invited and encouraged;
–    A city that is a source of pride for residents of Exeter.

How Was the General Plan Created?

The City of Exeter awarded a contract for preparation of the General Plan and Environmental Impact Report (EIR) to Collins & Schoettler Planning Consultants in 2000.  Collins & Schoettler also retained the services of TPG Consultants to provide traffic and circulation analysis for both the General Plan and the EIR.

The Consultant gathered data in 2000 and submitted a draft of the General Plan to a joint meeting of the Exeter Planning Commission and City Council in the fall of 2001.  After a through review of the draft General Plan, the joint group recommended changes to the document and accompanying maps.  These changes were incorporated into the document.

The Consultant prepared a draft Environmental Impact Report (EIR) on the General Plan.  The EIR was distributed to interested parties, agencies and organizations for review and comment.

The Planning Commission held their public hearing on the General Plan and EIR in November of 2002.  The Commission approved the General Plan and EIR and forwarded their recommendation for approval to the Exeter City Council.  The City Council considered both documents at their February, 2003, meeting.  After holding a public hearing on the two documents, the Council approved the General Plan with amendments and certified the Final EIR.

What Considerations Went Into Preparing the General Plan?

The General Plan was carefully formulated, with a number of (sometimes competing) goals being considered.  Some key factors that were considered in creating the General Plan included:

–    Growing and improving Exeter’s economy through new commercial and industrial development;
–    Designating an adequate amount of land for residential, commercial, industrial and public facilities that are expected to occur during the life of the plan (through the year 2020);
–    Preserving agricultural land and reducing environmental impacts by fostering more compact and efficient development;
–    Protecting the downtown area from competing commercial projects on outlying land;
–    Minimizing expensive extensions of utilities by developing close-in land before jumping out to outlying parcels.

Can the General Plan be Changed?

From time to time the City may be requested to amend portions of the General Plan.  This occurs most frequently when a property owner or developer wishes to change the zoning of their property.  In this instance the applicant if often required to amend the General Plan’s Proposed Land Use Map.  Such amendments must be reviewed and approved by the Planning Commission and also the City Council.

The General Plan is available in the document area of this website.

Boards and Commissions

The City Council appoints a number of citizen committees, boards and commissions that serve as advisory bodies to the City Council.  These bodies play an essential role in the governance of our city and provide the City Council with important input.
If you are interested in serving on a committee, board, or commission, please contact Randy Groom, City Manager.

Click on a board to learn more about its purpose:
Planning Commission
Downtown Design Review Board

Police Department Special Services

Visitor Information

orange_harvest_visitors Exeter Murals

Exeter’s unique downtown is home to 26 murals relating to the history of Exeter and its surrounding areas.  The most recent mural was dedicated on the 100th anniversary of the City of Exeter in March of 2011.  For details visit our Mural Gallery.

museum_visitors Exeter Museum

One of the newest additions to Exeter’s heritage is the Exeter Museum which is located next to Exeter Art Gallery.  This historic 1913 former Mt. Whitney power house is an interactive experience into Exeter’s past.  Admission to the Gallery and Museum is free. Please visit their Exeter Historical Museum Facebook page for more information.

garden_party_visitors Annual Events

There are several events that take place in the City of Exeter.  We have the Exeter Fall Festival in October.  Starting at the end of November we have the Exeter Holiday Open House.  The Exeter Chamber of Commerce has further information regarding all of our annual events.

parks_visitorsCity Parks

Exeter has many parks.  City Park, located at Chestnut and E Streets, has a child play area, picnic area, horse shoes, wading pool (seasonal), restrooms, library and a Carnegie Building / Senior Center.  This park is also the venue for Exeter’s free summer concert series.  For more information about Exeter parks, see the Recreation Department.

Our newest park, the Exeter Bark Park was a community-wide effort lead by the Friends of Residential Exeter Dogs and is located on F street across from City Hall.


dial a rideExciting News! On July 1, 2017, Visalia Transit, will be the sole provider of Dial-a-Ride service in the City of Exeter, including trips within the city.

Visalia Transit’s Dial-a-Ride is a reservation-based “origin-to-destination” service designed to provide comparable transit service for ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) certified individuals with disabilities that prevent them from riding the fixed-route buses.

Dial-a-Ride informational brochures and ADA applications can be found at the Visalia Transit Center or online at

Reservations Required

* ADA-certified passengers can make reservations up to two weeks in advance

* Reservations are guaranteed within a 30-minute window, as long as you call least one day in advance

* Non-ADA passengers can only make same-day reservations, as space is available.  Space is limited for same-day reservations.

For reservations, call 559.713.4750

Service Area

* City limits of Exeter, Visalia, Farmersville and the community of Goshen

* Service outside the city limits is provided by Tulare County Area Transit.

For Tulare County Area Transit information call 1.877.404.6473

Service Hours

* Monday-Friday                      6am-9:30pm

* Saturday-Sunday                  8am-6:30pm

Reservation Hours

* Monday-Friday                      6am-6pm

* Saturday-Sunday                  8am-6pm

Fares                               One-Way     10-Ride Punch Pass     Monthly Unlimited Rides  

ADA-Certified Riders           $2.50              $22.50                     $75.00

Seniors/Disabled/Military     $2.50              $22.50                 Not Available

General Public (Non-ADA)    $4.00              $40.00                 Not Available

You must have exact change. Drivers do not make change.

For a limited time, the City of Exeter will be selling 10-ride punch passes for a discount to its residents.  Visit the Exeter City Hall or Exeter Recreation to purchase passes.