Meet the Interim Chief of Police, Jeff McIntosh

Interim Chief McIntosh retired from Visalia Police Department in December 2015 after 31 years of service. He began his career in 1984 as a Level II Reserve Police Officer and in 1985 was hired as a Community Service Officer. In 1986 he was sworn in as a full time Police Officer. During his career as a Police Officer  McIntosh was assigned to Patrol, K-9, Youth Services Detective, Property Crimes Detective, Auto Theft Detective, and the Special Enforcement Unit. He  also served as a member of SWAT and as a Baton Instructor.

In 2007 McIntosh was promoted to Sergeant and was assigned to Patrol, K-9, Reserve Unit, and Violent Crimes.

In 2011 he was promoted to Lieutenant and was assigned to the Special Enforcement Bureau, District II Substation, Night Watch Commander, and the Investigations Bureau.

During his career McIntosh  was recognized as Visalia Police Department’s Reserve Officer of the Year in 1985, Officer of the Year in 1999, and received the 2003 Watch Commander Award and the 2010 California Attorney General’s Award. He was a court recognized expert regarding gangs and the use and sales of narcotics and has over 2000 hours of certified training in a wide range of law enforcement disciplines.

May 1st 2017  McIntosh was sworn in as the Interim Chief of Police in Exeter California.

Boards and Commissions

The City Council appoints a number of citizen committees, boards and commissions that serve as advisory bodies to the City Council.  These bodies play an essential role in the governance of our city and provide the City Council with important input.
If you are interested in serving on a committee, board, or commission, please contact Randy Groom, City Manager.

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Planning Commission
Downtown Design Review Board

Police Department Special Services

Police Department

 The Exeter Police Department is dedicated to the fair and impartial enforcement of laws and ordinances to protect human life, property, and to maintain the public peace.  In accomplishing our mission of protection and service, the members of this agency will respect Constitutional rights, human dignity and community values.

We commit ourselves to the enhancement of police-community partnerships, and will assist the members of our community with the identification and resolution of problems, in the effort to improve the quality of life in our community.

We will give the highest quality of law enforcement services possible, while continuously striving for the highest professional standards.

Police Records

The communications staff is primarily responsible for coordinating communications when a call for service is reported within the city.  Initially all 911 calls are answered by the dispatch center and if the emergency involves E.M.S. or fire then the call is transferred to the applicable agency.  If a police response is warranted then the communications operator will coordinate all information between the responding officers and the reporting party.  Communications also processes all radio communications from the officers in the field and performs D.M.V. searches and all law enforcement data base searches.

Beginning in March of 2009, the Tulare County Sheriffs’ Department began providing 24/7 dispatching for the police department.  We also initiated an automated phone answering service for quicker routing of your phone calls and direct access to certain members of the department.

The records division handles all requests for copies of records; vehicle releases, registration of narcotics and sex offenders, and maintains copies of all police reports and citations.  They also are responsible for case packaging for submission to the District Attorneys office for the consideration of filing criminal complaints.

The police records division is open to lobby traffic during normal business hours and by calling 559.592.3103 option 2 then option 1.

Patrol Division

Most of the functions and duties of a police department are carried out by the patrol division. Patrol officers also have additional duties and assignments such as neighborhood watch. Patrol officers respond to a wide variety of types of calls for service from simple citizen requests for assistance to serious in progress felony calls.

Patrol officers respond to calls twenty-four hours a day and on weekends and holidays.

Patrol officers typical duties include:

  • Respond to calls for service
  • Conduct investigations and prepare police reports
  • Crime scene processing
  • Collection and preservation of evidence
  • Testify in criminal and traffic court
  • Traffic Enforcement
  • Enforcement of all laws and statutes
  • Conduct community awareness training
  • Conduct and coordinate neighborhood watch meetings

Beginning in 2006 the police department took an aggressive approach to reported gang type activity either by residents or by visitors to our jurisdiction from outside the city. That year three officers were given specialized training in recognizing gang type activity and in suppressing this type of behavior. Those officers are court recognized experts in the field of gang investigations.

The Department has been an active participant in the Tulare County Gang Task Force and has provided assistance countywide in special details targeting gang activity in other jurisdictions.

In 2017 the department continues to take a zero tolerance stance on gang activity and gang like behavior being committed in the City. Officers have and will continue to aggressively pursue and arrest gang members and their associates who choose to commit crimes in Exeter.

Chain of Command