What about zoning?

You must be aware of the zoning designation of your property.  Zoning determines what types of buildings and improvements may be constructed and what types of activities may be conducted on each parcel.

For example, a residential area may be zoned R-1, which means that the lots can contain one single family home and other uses listed in the Zoning Ordinance.

Zoning is regulated by the Exeter Planning Department, based on maps approved by the Exeter City Council.

If you are unsure of the zoning of your property and what types of buildings and uses are allowed, please contact the Exeter Planning Department, located at Exeter City Hall.  Call 559.592.5558.

What about other approvals or permits?

Other governmental agencies may need to review and approve your project.  For example, establishments that serve food require a permit from the Tulare County Health Department.  The Tulare County Building Department will inform you of these approvals at the time plans are submitted.

What if I don’t get a permit?

If a permit, when required, is not obtained prior to construction, you are in violation of City of Exeter codes and regulations and will be subject to fines and penalties.  You will be required to obtain permits (possibly with double fees) for the work and it must pass inspection.  Or, you will have to return the structure or site to its original condition.

Remember . . . construction codes were created for safety reasons.
Work built without permits can be unsafe, no matter how good it looks.

What if I obtained a permit but never had inspections?

Generally, permits expire after 180 days if no inspections have been made.  In order for the project to be completed, it must be inspected.  If a permit expires before the final inspection is made, the project is in violation of city codes.


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