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Archive-Public Works


On June 28, 2018 you were notified of the need to boil/disinfect all tap water used for drinking and cooking purposes.

The City of Exeter Water System in conjunction with the State Water Resources Control Board, and/or Local Environmental Health Jurisdiction, has determined that, through comprehensive testing of the water, your water is safe to drink. It is no longer necessary to boil your tap water or for you to consume bottled water.

For more information call:

Water Utility contact: Adam Ennis, City Administrator 559-592-4539, 100 N. C Street, Exeter, CA 93221

State Water Resources Control Board: – Drinking Water Field Operations Branch- District Office at 559-447-3300.

Local Environmental Health Jurisdiction: 559-624-7400

Message for Water Users!

The City of Exeter has a message for Exeter water users. The city water system will be shut off from approximately 9 P.M. Friday evening until approximately 6 A.M. Saturday morning to repair a major leak.
We encourage residents to prepare beforehand by storing water for use during the outage. Consider how much water your family and pets may need for drinking, flushing toilets, handwashing, and cooling during this time. Do not run washing machines or dishwashers during this time as you may damage your appliances.
Once the water system is restored, residents will need to boil their water prior to consumption until further notice.
For more information please refer to the City’s Facebook or Web Page, or you may call the City Administrator at (559) 592-4539. Posted notices will also be at City Hall and the Police Department.
Thank you.

La ciudad de Exeter tiene un mensaje para los usuarios de agua de Exeter. El sistema de agua de la ciudad se apagará aproximadamente a las 9 P.M. Viernes por la noche hasta aproximadamente las 6 a.m. El sábado por la mañana para reparar una fuga importante.
Alentamos a los residentes a prepararse de antemano almacenando agua para usarla durante la interrupción. Tenga en cuenta la cantidad de agua que su familia y mascotas pueden necesitar para beber, lavar los inodoros, lavarse las manos y refrescarse durante este tiempo. No haga funcionar lavadoras o lavavajillas durante este tiempo ya que puede dañar sus electrodomésticos.
Una vez que se restaure el sistema de agua, los residentes deberán hervir el agua antes de su consumo hasta nuevo aviso.
Para obtener más información, consulte la Facebook de Exeter o la página web de la ciudad, o puede llamar al administrador de la ciudad al (559) 592-4539. Los avisos publicados también serán en el Ayuntamiento y el Departamento de Policía.

Schroth Park

City Play Structures Closed for Updates

We are excited to announce that rubberized flooring is being installed around some of the City’s play structures. For that reason, the play structures at Schroth Park, as well as the toddler play structure at City Park will be closed through March 30th. Thanks for your patience while we improve your child’s play space!

City of Exeter
Public Works Department

City of Exeter Water Services Replacement Project

Much-needed improvements and upgrades to the existing potable water piping system that currently provides water to select addresses within the city will be performed by RTC Construction and Management. As part of these upgrades, the company will install new underground water service piping from the City’s main water pipeline located in the street, up to the existing water meter boxes located in the Public Utility Easement near the front of specific properties. (more…)

Public Works Employees Honored

City Council honors the city’s public works employees during National Public Works Week

For Immediate Release

Message to the Public

As previously explained, our largest producing well, located at the corner of Belmont and Glaze, has been offline for repairs.

We are happy to report that the repairs have been completed and Ingram Equipment is onsite this morning finishing the install. The State is requiring us to take a series of two bacteriological samples before the well can be put back in service. Each test has a 24 hour, mandatory hold time. As soon as Ingram finishes the installation this afternoon, the well will be flushed. Once that’s done, we have a certified operator on standby ready to collect the first sample and deliver it to the lab in Fresno for testing. Those results should be available tomorrow. The second sample will be collected and delivered to the lab tomorrow, with results expected Saturday. The lab will call our operator as soon as results are available Saturday. (more…)

Public Works Department

Our Motto….

“Taking Pride in Our Community”

Public Works Department
350 W. Firebaugh Ave.
Exeter, CA  93221
Fax  559.592.3516

Street Maintenance

The street maintenance division is responsible for maintaining and repairing city streets and alleys.  The street division ensures that all traffic control markings such as crosswalks, legends, turn arrows, stop bars, center lines, etc., and signal lights and street signs are legible and visible to provide for vehicle and pedestrian safety.

The street sweeper runs on Tuesdays and Fridays sweeping all accessible curb and gutter areas in the city. The downtown area is swept twice per week and residential areas are swept every other week.

The street maintenance division can be contacted at 559.592.3318; Monday through Friday 7:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.  (more…)

Street Maintenance

The department of public works street maintenance division provides maintenance and improvements to roadways within the city’s jurisdiction.

Our annual slurry seal program is a major contributing factor in keeping our city streets in good condition.

You can help by calling the street maintenance division at 559.592.3318 if you notice pot holes or damaged asphalt in our roadways. Your call will help us effect speedy repairs and keep our streets in good repair.

Additionally, the street maintenance division installs and maintains street/traffic signs within the city’s jurisdiction.