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City of Exeter Water Services Replacement Project

Much-needed improvements and upgrades to the existing potable water piping system that currently provides water to select addresses within the city will be performed by RTC Construction and Management. As part of these upgrades, the company will install new underground water service piping from the City’s main water pipeline located in the street, up to the existing water meter boxes located in the Public Utility Easement near the front of specific properties.

The existing water meters and boxes will be removed and reset adjacent to their current locations. All connections to the new piping will be performed to ensure each residence is provided with potable water as part of our work. All finished surfaces disturbed as part of this work (i.e. landscaping, concrete, asphalt, etc.) will be restored by the company.

The addresses are as follows:

Street Name Addresses
Willow St. 1416 – 1445
Beverly Pl. 300 – 331
Beverly Pl. 412 – 424
Janet Dr. 1400 – 1448
Vine St. 733 – 820
W. Willow St. 800 – 820
Moore Cir. 618 – 628
Monarch Cir. 800 – 809

For more information, please see the Exeter WSRP- Notice to Residents distributed to affected residents or you can download it here.