How to Apply for a Conditional Use Permit

A Conditional Use Permit (also called a C.U.P.) is a type of land use permit issued by the City of Exeter for the establishment of certain types of land uses listed in the Exeter Zoning Ordinance.  Conditional uses are certain uses which, because of their unusual characteristics, or their potential to affect the surrounding neighborhood, require special review by city staff and the Planning Commission.

A Variance is a type of permit granted by the Planning Commission which allows a person to deviate from a standard of the Exeter Zoning Ordinance.

The Zoning Ordinance is a set of laws governing land use and the development of property within Exeter.  Interested persons can obtain a copy of the ordinance, for a fee, at the Exeter City Hall.  The Zoning Ordinance was passed into law by the Exeter City Council.

Please note that not all regulations of the Zoning Ordinance are subject to a variance.  For example a person cannot request a variance to allow a use not listed as permitted in a certain zone district.

Interested persons are encouraged to meet with the City Planner prior to submitting an application.  This can be done by telephone or by visiting City Hall.  During this meeting, you can discuss the process and important development standards (setbacks, parking, landscaping, etc.) that will apply to your project.  You can also determine whether your project is subject to environmental review (see Environmental Review below).  Such a preliminary meeting will help to streamline the development process.  You can reach the City Planner at 559.592.5558 or 559.734.8737

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