Public Records Request

Article 1, Section 3 of the California Constitution and the California Public Records Act (Gov’t Code §6250 et. Seq.), gives individuals the right to access public records the City maintains unless they’re exempt from disclosure by law.

How to Request Records:

Public records request can be made by one of the following:

-Contact the City Clerk’s Office at (559) 592-9244.
– Mail to: City of Exeter
Office of the City Clerk P.O. Box 237
Exeter, CA 93221

Or complete the form below

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In order for us to provide a timely and complete response, please provide as much detailed information as possible regarding the records you seek, such as: - the people, places and/or things the records involve such as names, addresses, case names, and case numbers; - the date or date range of the records; and - the office, division, branch or section of the Department that created or maintains the records.