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Maintenance and Codes

Definition of Nuisances

1. Any condition or use of property which is in fact a fire hazard or which results or can result in the impairment of the ability to respond to and suppress fires.

2. The existence of any accumulation of waste paper, hay, grass, straw, weeds, litter, debris or combustible trash upon any roof or in any building, entrance way, court, yard, vacant lot or open space, or of any weeds, grass, vines or other growth when the same endangers property or is liable to become a fire hazard.

3. Lawns with grasses in excess of 6 inches high.

4. Storage for an unreasonable period of time (14 days or longer) of any of the following:

a) Abandoned, wrecked, dismantled or inoperative automobiles, trailers, campers, boats, or similar vehicles.

b) Debris, rubbish and trash visible from public rights of way.

c) Broken or discarded household furnishings, appliances, boxes and cartons, lawn maintenance equipment, play equipment, toys, and similar materials.

d) Discarded building materials.

e) Discarded, wrecked, or inoperable household appliances, machines, and tools.

f) Materials or items of nature stored on roof tops when visible from the public right of way or from neighboring property.

5. Attractive Nuisances (those objects which, by their nature, may attract children or other curious individuals) including, but not limited to unprotected and/or hazardous pools, ponds, ice boxes, refrigerators, or excavations.

Failure to Clean up Nuisances

If the nuisance is not voluntarily abated within the time period specified, the Planning Commission will hold a public hearing to determine if the city should begin proceedings to abate the nuisance itself. The city shall send a notice to the property owner and to owners of property within 300 feet of the subject site. In addition, the city shall publish a notice of the hearing in the newspaper. Please note that the failure of any person to receive such notice shall not affect the validity of the proceedings.


The policy of the City of Exeter is to be responsive to matters regarding health and welfare issues, property maintenance and zoning matters. It is the city’s intention to work with persons charged with nuisance abatement matters and upgrade property to a standard that will be most beneficial to the community. For more information regarding private property maintenance, contact: City of Exeter 137 North F Street Exeter, CA 93221 559.592.3710