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Patrol Division

Most of the functions and duties of a police department are carried out by the patrol division. Patrol officers also have additional duties and assignments such as neighborhood watch. Patrol officers respond to a wide variety of types of calls for service from simple citizen requests for assistance to serious in progress felony calls.

Patrol officers respond to calls twenty-four hours a day and on weekends and holidays.

Patrol officers typical duties include:

  • Respond to calls for service
  • Conduct investigations and prepare police reports
  • Crime scene processing
  • Collection and preservation of evidence
  • Testify in criminal and traffic court
  • Traffic Enforcement
  • Enforcement of all laws and statutes
  • Conduct community awareness training
  • Conduct and coordinate neighborhood watch meetings

Beginning in 2006 the police department took an aggressive approach to reported gang type activity either by residents or by visitors to our jurisdiction from outside the city. That year three officers were given specialized training in recognizing gang type activity and in suppressing this type of behavior. Those officers are court recognized experts in the field of gang investigations.

The Department has been an active participant in the Tulare County Gang Task Force and has provided assistance countywide in special details targeting gang activity in other jurisdictions.

In 2017 the department continues to take a zero tolerance stance on gang activity and gang like behavior being committed in the City. Officers have and will continue to aggressively pursue and arrest gang members and their associates who choose to commit crimes in Exeter.

Chain of Command

Police Chain of Command