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Police Records

The communications staff is primarily responsible for coordinating communications when a call for service is reported within the city.  Initially all 911 calls are answered by the dispatch center and if the emergency involves E.M.S. or fire then the call is transferred to the applicable agency.  If a police response is warranted then the communications operator will coordinate all information between the responding officers and the reporting party.  Communications also processes all radio communications from the officers in the field and performs D.M.V. searches and all law enforcement data base searches.

Beginning in March of 2009, the Tulare County Sheriffs’ Department began providing 24/7 dispatching for the police department.  We also initiated an automated phone answering service for quicker routing of your phone calls and direct access to certain members of the department.

The records division handles all requests for copies of records; vehicle releases, registration of narcotics and sex offenders, and maintains copies of all police reports and citations.  They also are responsible for case packaging for submission to the District Attorneys office for the consideration of filing criminal complaints.

The police records division is open to lobby traffic during normal business hours and by calling (559) 592-3103 option 2 then option 1.