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Measure P

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We are proud of our safe, close-knit community, and we know that residents choose to live in Exeter because of its small-town character, high quality of life, and quality City services.

But providing those services has become increasingly difficult every year due to rising costs, and actions from the state, including taking of hundreds of thousands of dollars from Exeter over the last decade while shifting responsibility for many services from the state to the city, without providing the funding to maintain them. These actions have put the services our residents have told us they value at risk, including:

  • Maintaining 911 response
  • Protecting local water supplies
  • Keeping the community safe and preventing crime
  • Keeping roads, public areas and parks repaired, maintained, clean, and safe

Measure P 

On July 28, 2020, The Exeter City Council unanimously placed Measure P on the November ballot for voter consideration.

If approved by Exeter voters this November, Measure P – the Exeter Local Control/Essential Services Measure — would enact a 1-cent sales tax to generate local funds that could not be taken by the County, State, or Federal governments. As required by law, all Measure P funds could only be used by the City of Exeter.

Fiscal Accountability

The City would continue careful use of taxpayer dollars and ongoing transparency to the community we serve by including Measure P fiscal accountability provisions such as public disclosure of all spending and annual independent financial audits.

Please make an informed decision in the upcoming Municipal Election as we work to keep Exeter safe and moving.

REMEMBER TO VOTE IN EXETER’S NOVEMBER MUNICIPAL ELECTION! Measure P is the only item on your local City of Exeter ballot. For more information about how to participate, including recent changes made by the State, please visit or


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