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Message to the Public

For Immediate Release

As previously explained, our largest producing well, located at the corner of Belmont and Glaze, has been offline for repairs.

We are happy to report that the repairs have been completed and Ingram Equipment is onsite this morning finishing the install. The State is requiring us to take a series of two bacteriological samples before the well can be put back in service. Each test has a 24 hour, mandatory hold time. As soon as Ingram finishes the installation this afternoon, the well will be flushed. Once that’s done, we have a certified operator on standby ready to collect the first sample and deliver it to the lab in Fresno for testing. Those results should be available tomorrow. The second sample will be collected and delivered to the lab tomorrow, with results expected Saturday. The lab will call our operator as soon as results are available Saturday.

Provided that the samples come back clear, we have staff prepared to come in on Saturday and put the well back online. Having this well back in service will provide approximately 1,500 additional gallons per minute to our water system, which should alleviate most of pressure problems we’re experiencing during peak demand periods.

This is been a very stressful time for our community, but we greatly appreciate your support and understanding.