transit commentsThe Draft 2017 Short Range Transit Plan is now available for review. The comment period will be open through August 18, 2017.

Short Range Transit Plan

The Short Range Transit Plan is a five year planning document that is required for Federal and State transit funding purposes. The plan reviews and updates current goals, evaluates current conditions, and produces a new operations plan, capital plan and financial plan for the transit services provided by the City of Visalia. The draft plan was reviewed at public meetings in all the communities served by Visalia Transit including Farmersville, Exeter, Goshen, and Visalia.

To review the plan and more information, please see the City of Visalia website:

To submit a comment, please e-mail Christine.Chavez@Visalia.City. Please provide your name, address, e-mail address, and your comments as they relate to the draft document. The draft Short Range Transit Plan can be found here: 2017 Draft Short Range Transit Plan.