Tulare County Economic Development Corporation

The Tulare County Economic Development Corporation is the regional leader of economic development by attracting, supporting and retaining business and industry for the communities of Tulare County.
Since 1983, the EDC has served as the marketing and business recruitment organization for the communities of Tulare County, locating more than 100 companies and creating over 13,000 new jobs. This activity has resulted in the investment of $350 million dollars in our local economy.
The EDC competes with many other economic development organizations throughout California and the United States. Our ability to provide detailed informational packages, site tours of the region and presentations to their corporate headquarters rests solely on the support of our investors.

Finance Department

137 N. F Street
Exeter, CA  93221
(559) 592-2755
Director:  Sheri Emerson

The Finance Department is committed to:

  • Analyzing the city’s financial position and develop short and long range plans to ensure financial viability.
  • Providing high quality financial reporting and budget presentations.
    Advising city management on business factors affecting the city’s fiscal environment.
  • Ensuring the security and proper disbursement of funds through effective appropriation management.
  • Administering the business license and occupancy tax ordinances including annual renewals, new licenses, complaints, and coordination with state agencies.
  • Providing staff training to ensure the division’s technical capabilities remain current.
  • Develop and update effective administrative policies to maintain internal controls.
  • Ensuring that city departments obtain the materials and services needed, within budget, and in compliance with procurement policies.
  • Maximizing investment earnings while safeguarding public funds as established by the City Investment Policy and state law.

Exeter Chamber of Commerce

The Exeter Chamber of Commerce is a voluntary organization representing all segments of business…working together to carry out what no individual, business or agency could achieve alone. Originally created as the the Exeter Board of Trade, it was named the Exeter Chamber of Commerce in 1921. The Chamber is the back bone of the Exeter Community. To reach the Chamber staff, contact them at  (559) 592-2919, visit their website at exeterchamber.com; or stop by at 101 W. Pine Street , Exeter, CA 93221.

Residents of Exeter

The residents of Exeter enjoy living in a city that has a strong reputation for being the ideal place to live, work, and play. The small town farming community in southern San Joaquin Valley, provides an atmosphere of community not often found today. In the shadow of the landmark water tower, Exeter boasts a scenic beauty, thriving business community, and rich heritage. Exeter is cleaner, safer and more prosperous than most towns in California’s farm belt because people here take care of each other.

Exeter has been the birthplace of artists, authors, two Nevada Governors, business entrepreneurs, baseball greats, and many hard-working residents.

Named “one of America’s prettiest painted places,” Exeter’s buildings are adorned with murals depicting its colorful past. Currently, there are 24 murals, the most recent of which commemorates the city’s centennial.

Exeter boasts a 100-year agricultural history. It is the home of the Emperor grape, a plump, seeded variety of table grapes. Every fall, the residents come together for the Emperor Grape Festival, enjoying a parade, entertainment, great food, and the company of other residents. The Fall festival is one of many annual events held in Exeter.
The downtown streets are lined with vibrant small businesses including antique stores, specialty shops, services, restaurants, book stores, all locally owned.

Exeter’s public school system is dedicated to academic excellence and quality education. And after school, kids from high school flood the streets to get ice cream and stacks at the Frosty King and participate in a variety of sports activities at one of the city’s parks.

Business License

The City of Exeter issues Business Licenses to those individuals and companies that do business within the city limits of the City of Exeter.

A Business License is required for businesses that are physically located within the city limits, or that are located elsewhere but conduct business within the city, per ordinance 5.04.060

5.04.060  –  There are imposed upon the businesses, trades, professions, callings and occupations specified in this chapter license taxes in the amounts prescribed in this chapter, and it is unlawful for any person to transact and carry on any business, trade, profession, calling or occupation in the city without first having procured a license from the city so to do or without complying with any and all applicable provisions of this chapter.

To obtain a Business License, contact City Hall at 559.592.3710

The gross receipts of the business, which are annually requested by the City near the end of the calendar year, determines the amount of the business license.

Fee Schedule for 2012/2013
For Gross Annual receipts of:

$30,000 and below – submit $60.00
$30,001 and above – submit $80.00

Each year a Business License must be renewed.  The Business License is valid for the full calendar year, and should be renewed January 1 of the new year.   Every annual license which is not paid within a period of thirty days from the time it becomes due and payable is declared to be delinquent, and the city clerk shall thereupon add to the license and collect a penalty of ten percent of the license so delinquent; if such license is not paid within sixty days from the time such license becomes due and payable, an additional sum of ten percent of the license shall be added to the license and collected as a penalty per city ordinance 5.04.200

How often is a license required to be renewed?
All business licenses shall be renewed yearly. Business Licenses are good from January 1st of current year until December 31st of the same current year.

I want to open a business using my home as my business location.  What do I need to obtain permission to do so?
The City of Exeter allows many types of businesses to operate from a residence, as long as they comply with the restrictions placed on such businesses in the city ordinance for Home Occupations.  An application for a Home Occupation permit must be completed and submitted with your business license application, and there is a one-time fee of $25.00 for the permit.

What do I need to do to make changes to existing licenses?
Whenever a business changes locations, ownership, business name, or type of ownership, you must resubmit a business license application reflecting the change.  Licenses are only valid for the person(s), partnership or corporation, location, or business name for which it is applied for and issued.  A change in ownership, including dropping or adding a partner, will be treated as a new business, which will likely require the payment of fees.

When do I need a business license?
Any time you are charging fees or accepting payment for goods or services, or conducting any type of business within the city limits of Exeter, you are required to obtain a business license per city ordinance 5.04.060

Business License Application pdf icon   (PDF: 249 KB)